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Your business deserves a great logo. You also need a place where your brand can shine online. Start designing your brand new logo now with our world-class design team which you’ll love guaranteed.

Logo designing Process

Below are the 7 steps for logo development, which show the process in action.


Noting down requirements

Balance is important in any logo design. The balance of your likes and interests as well as of your potential customers and clients. Thus, our team notes all your requirements like your prefered colours, fonts and does the market study about your business's niche.



Preliminary sketches are an important first step in designing an effective logo. We start with 8 to 10 sketches or ideas and then branch out to create variations of the original ideas.


Providing samples

considering the design style for your company and typography we design 5 samples of logos for your company / organisation where we make sure that your business get recognized with the help of these samples.


Finalizing the logo

Overlooking any of those samples during the design process we can improvise the quality of your final design with the help of your suggestions. After examining the design and see whether if it meets all of the criteria we finalize the logo.


Detailed files of logo

After finalizing the logo we provide you with a file which consists all the details of logo elements. For eg. colour codes, fonts. Also we provide you a zip file where you can find your logo in all the formats like PNG, JPG, CDR & PDF.


Logo mockups

Now at this stage we give you few mock-up of how your logo will look at places like your visiting cards, mugs, T-shirts or uniforms, 3D glass and much more.


Logo animation

At this last stage, we work on animating a video file for your logo so that you can use the same for your video entrances and social media.

Turn your dream logo

into a reality

We can bring your ideas for your logo into reality. Talk to us about the same and let’s start building it together now!

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