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How many times have you visited a website and haven’t bought anything from them? And then you saw an ad for their website a few days later? This is a result of remarketing.

Remarketing, as the name suggests, is the practice that gives businesses a second chance to make a potential customer into, well, a customer.

Remarketing, also known as retargeting, uses a code (cookie as we know it) that it places into the potential customer’s browser after they visit a website. That cookie is what causes an ad to get displayed to them afterwards, hence why people are often ‘chased’ by ads all around the internet.



Google Ads

You know when you’re looking something up on Google and the first few results are ads? That’s a result of Google Ads, Google’s advertising system that utilizes the PPC, or pay per click model. Businesses bet on certain keywords and whoever wins gets to be at the top of Google’s search pages.


Google Ads are Google’s most successful service, and for a good reason. Statistics show that 75% of people never go past the first page of Google, and the top three results get a huge amount of 75.1% of clicks. It’s only natural that all businesses are competing to be on the first page and on top.


Social media platforms

Social media platforms, on the other hand, have a multitude of advertising systems. But what makes them exceptionally good is that they show relevant ads to users. This means that social media websites target users very precisely and show them what they know they will like.


If you know who your target audience is and which social media they use the most, then the advertising becomes even easier.

Similar to Google Ads, Facebook re-marketing targets users the same way: by looking at which websites they’ve visited and then displaying ads related to those websites using code



Even in 2020, retargeting remains the best marketing strategy. It enables you to remarket your products to people who have seen them in the past, people who have purchased something from you, or inform your current customers about any new products.

Facebook Ads and Google Ads have been competing for a while now, but the most beneficial option for your business would be to use them together. By combining Google Ads remarketing and Facebook remarketing, you would get the most out of this effective strategy.

Covering the entire Google Network and Facebook would give your business a huge boost in exposure, as well as sales.

We hope that this article has helped you learn something about Remarketing and thank you for reading!


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