Turn your business card into a smart card!

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  • Instantly share your full contact + MORE
  • • We turn your traditional paper business card into a Mini-Website that can be shared and stored in your contacts App.
  • • Compatible with iPhone, Android, Desktop and tablets
  • • Share it via your unique QR code, SMS, Email, WhatsApp + more
  • • Share your Digital Business Card with everyone!


Digital Business Card

Tap your business card on a phone and your contact details will show on screen.



Social Profile Hub

Share your LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube channel or any other social website.



Link to Any URL

Link to a business presentation, sign-up form or product demonstration.



Features & Benefits



One of the types of digital card is the one that you send via an online platform such as email. This makes your business card a single, shareable file with all your contact details.




Always Be Closing. With the Proceed Digital there is no limitation in the number of times you can use the card. There are no additional fees or hidden cost.



Fast Preparation

With this, you can send an electronic form of your digital business card. The template will include all your contact details such as name, designation, phone number, and social media accounts.



All phones running the latest version of Android or iOS have a built in QR Code scanner. The Mobilo Card has both NFC and a QR Code on the back to guarantee compabitility


About Us

Proceed Digital mainly works on business development and building your brand’s image on various digital platforms with the help of number of services. We work on targeting your potential customers and clients for your business whether they are in your city or anywhere on the globe.


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